Hub 128-T12

BX Serisi kartlarda hub 12 bağlantısına sahip panellerde kullanılır, 8 panel üst üste takılabilir.


Product name                     HUB128-T12 display adapter
Product status                    It was brought to market in September 2009,products are always in stores;
Product advantage            50PIN connecting, compact structure, best price
Maximum control pixel      128 lines ( 8groups, T12 port)
Interface definition             2 A B C CKHS R G D 16  
                                              1 O N N N  N  N N N 15 
Physical description          N=Ground (GND), HS=Latch, CK=Clock, 0= Enable ( OE )
                                              R=Red Data,G=Green Data,A,B,C,D=Row Signal

1. To ensure the output signal quality, We suggest users power on the adapter from the VCC lead,which is better for signal cascade ability of the overlength screen.
2. All the products brought into market in June, 2012 will be reserved with bonding pads for power line.

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